Hightlights from November 2016

Media Summary:


Print and Radio Media Hits:

The Union-Recorder • USA •Nov 30 • 09:55 pm
GC Music Department set to perform carols

Alabama AL – AmericanTowns.com • USA •Nov 30 • 12:16 pm
Tuskegee falls to Georgia College on the road

ABQJournal Online (AP) • USA •Nov 30 • 11:26 am
Why electing Donald Trump was a triumph for the prosperity gospel

Her Campus • USA •Nov 26 • 06:00 am
Dr. Mary Sue Coleman: Margaret Harvin Wilson’s Brilliant Daughter

The Union-Recorder • USA •Nov 25 • 06:30 am
Expansion possible for Early Learning Center

The Union-Recorder • USA •Nov 23 • 10:28 pm
BOE looks to solve crowding

Albany Herald • USA •Nov 22 • 11:45 pm
Albany State men fall to Georgia College

AJC.com • USA •Nov 20 • 09:24 am
2 Georgia schools to consider immigrants without legal status

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution • USA •Nov 20 • 07:00 am
Exclusive: 2 Ga. schools to consider immigrants without legal status

The Union-Recorder • USA •Nov 18 • 12:00 am
Ga. College gets grant for alcohol awareness

The Union-Recorder • USA •Nov 17 • 04:27 pm
Georgia College mentors impact local students

Building Design + Construction • USA •Nov 16 • 01:30 pm
Reconstruction Awards: Ennis Hall, Georgia College & State University

NewtonCitizen.com • USA •Nov 14 • 07:00 pm
Georgia College next step for Holloway

Northwest Georgia News • USA •Nov 12 • 07:15 am
College Signing: Calhoun’s Braden headed to play at Georgia College

The Union-Recorder • USA •Nov 11 • 08:50 pm
GCSU pays community tribute to veterans

The Union-Recorder • USA •Nov 11 • 08:49 pm
Veterans honored at Ga. War Veterans Home

Macon Telegraph • USA •Nov 11 • 05:21 pm
Georgia author often shocked readers with violent endings

The Union-Recorder • USA •Nov 10 • 10:18 pm
School board recognizes Milledgeville veterans

WGXA.TV • USA •Nov 10 • 09:56 pm
Bobcat Madness marks the return of basketball season at Georgia College

Macon Telegraph • USA •Nov 10 • 09:26 pm
Downtown revitalization didn’t just begin with the Reichert administration

South Carolina SC – AmericanTowns.com • USA •Nov 8 • 03:47 am
A Day of Celebration in Memory of Dr. Tina Yarborough

The Union-Recorder • USA •Nov 7 • 10:16 pm
Thought-provoking play hits Black Box Theatre

Gcsunade.com • USA •Nov 5 • 03:24 pm
Physics professor brings first patent to GC

Ledger-Enquirer • USA •Nov 2 • 07:21 pm
Columbus State volleyball falls in straight sets to Georgia College 

Macon Telegraph • USA •Nov 22 • 05:15 pm
The workplace gender gap is alive and well

The Union-Recorder • USA •Nov 1 • 12:00 am

Television Hits:


Sports dominated our television coverage for the month of November, with just two non-sports related stories being covered by local channel WGXA. Those include one story about a the formation of the Muslim Students Association and another about the campus safeguards against a shooter/attacker in the wake of the Ohio incident earlier this month.

13WMAZ • USA •Nov 1 • 06:14 pm
Muslim student describes life in Milledgeville 

WGXA.TV • USA •Nov 28 • 08:52 pm
Local colleges have plans in place for attacks

WGXA.TV • USA •Nov 15 • 09:38 pm
Bobcats top Morehouse in home opener

WGXA.TV • USA •Nov 30 • 09:54 pm
Georgia College tops Tuskegee for 5th straight win

WGXA.TV • USA •Nov 30 • 09:58 pm
Lady Bobcats fall in overtime at home to Tuskegee

Featured Stories:

Featured Videos:

Social Media Summary:

Followers as of December 1, 2016:

YouTube – 102

LinkedIn – 25,135

Facebook: 13,445 followers

Videos trumped all other types of posts yet again! The most popular post by far (with 38,312 views, 901 likes, and 445 shares) was our food cart video. The video was a success and also produced great results for Dining Services through a business increase – possibly even causing them to increase their hours. The second most popular post was the #GratitudeProject video. These types of videos say “We are a community” and the GC family loves that! We have plans to do more videos like this.

Twitter: 8,357 followers

With Twitter, we have discovered that the most popular posts are graphics, particularly ones that relate to holidays and national events. My most popular post this month was in regards to voting day and the second most popular was a graphic for Veterans Day. Twitter seems to be less and less about words and more about images, so we will keep utilizing infographics and striking images.

Instagram: 6,186 followers

A 2.5% follower increase this month, our most popular posts were yet again campus beauty shots. With the beautiful fall trees, the GC audience seems to like those photos the most. The posting was less frequent this month because of the holiday, but we are steadily increasing our audience.

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