Highlights from October 2016

Media Summary:


Print and Radio Media Hits:

Gcsunade.com   •   USA   •   Oct 3   •   10:01 pm
GC education programs among best in nation

Gcsunade.com   •   USA   •   Oct 3   •   10:32 pm
GC Nursing receives $350,000 HRSA grant

The Union-Recorder   •   USA   •   Oct 4   •   02:00 pm
Bobcat volleyball falls to Patriots 3-1

Gcsunade.com   •   USA   •   Oct 4   •   10:29 pm
Georgia College debuts Global Health minor

The Union-Recorder   •   USA   •   Oct 4   •   08:00 am
OUR SPACE: What’s on Europa?

Gcsunade.com   •   USA   •   Oct 5   •   10:05 am
GC Athletics adds new assistant coaches

Gcsunade.com   •   USA   •   Oct 5   •   10:31 am
Golf alum shoots for Masters

The Union-Recorder   •   USA   •   Oct 5   •   02:00 pm
Georgia College political play Thursday encourages students, community to vote

Middle Georgia CEO   •   USA   •   Oct 6   •   05:57 am
Ebb and Flow of Science Lands First Patent for Georgia College

Daily Nurse   •   USA   •   Oct 6   •   08:57 am
Georgia College School of Nursing Awarded $350,000 HRSA Grant to Fund Family Nurse Practitioner Program

AJC.com   •   USA   •   Oct 8   •   12:00 am
McIver shooting a tale of love, class and race in Atlanta

Gcsunade.com   •   USA   •   Oct 10   •   01:03 pm
GC students celebrate Constitution Week

Macon Telegraph   •   USA   •   Oct 11   •   08:35 am
Georgia College lecturer, brother killed in Milledgeville crash

The Union-Recorder   •   USA   •   Oct 11   •   10:32 am
UPDATE: Head-on collision kills Georgia College professor, brother

The Daily Citizen   •   USA   •   Oct 11   •   02:18 pm
Head-on collision kills Georgia College professor, brother

The Union-Recorder   •   USA   •   Oct 11   •   02:30 pm
Bobcat men take 13th at Royals XC Challenge

The Union-Recorder   •   USA   •   Oct 11   •   04:00 pm
Rookies run strong for GC women’s cross country

Wsbradio.com   •   USA   •   Oct 11   •   10:42 pm
Georgia College professor, brother killed in car wreck

The Billings Gazette   •   USA   •   Oct 12   •   08:30 pm
2 finalists for top planning job make their case

The Daily Citizen   •   USA   •   Oct 13   •   12:19 pm
Georgia’s First Lady, other dignitaries attend opening of Youth Challenge Academy

The Union-Recorder   •   USA   •   Oct 14   •   01:00 pm
GC Golf’s Stewart named Bobcat Athlete of the Week

The Valdosta Daily Times   •   USA   •   Oct 15   •   10:00 am
Education Briefs

The Union-Recorder   •   USA   •   Oct 15   •   10:30 am
GC soccer falls at Montevallo in OT, 1-0

Her Campus   •   USA   •   Oct 15   •   12:00 pm
Dr. Bethany Loushine Douglas: GC’s First Elite Runner

Gcsunade.com   •   USA   •   Oct 15   •   02:22 pm
GC Students intern in Washington D.C.

Gcsunade.com   •   USA   •   Oct 15   •   02:29 pm
20 years of liberal arts

Gcsunade.com   •   USA   •   Oct 15   •   02:52 pm
Bobcat soccer expands scouting outside US

True Viral News   •   USA   •   Oct 17   •   05:57 pm
Best Online Bachelor’s Programs

The Dallas New Era   •   USA   •   Oct 18   •   09:45 am
Northside Auxiliary Awards $48K in Scholarships for 2016

The Union-Recorder   •   USA   •   Oct 18   •   10:13 am
CURTAIN CALL: A busy week for music in Milly

The Union-Recorder   •   USA   •   Oct 18   •   10:16 am
OUR SPACE: RIP Rosetta and thanks for all the pix

Roswell Patch   •   USA   •   Oct 18   •   04:19 pm
Sandy Springs Student Wins Northside Hospital Auxiliary Scholarship

Gcsunade.com   •   USA   •   Oct 18   •   07:04 pm
Volleyball team off to hot start

Gcsunade.com   •   USA   •   Oct 18   •   07:34 pm
Bobcats speak out regarding campus safety

Middle Georgia CEO   •   USA   •   Oct 19   •   12:00 am
Georgia College Researchers Track Strategic Shifts in Campaign Music

The Union-Recorder   •   USA   •   Oct 20   •   06:30 pm
GC volleyball drops home match against USC Aiken

Southern Methodist University   •   USA   •   Oct 21   •   05:57 pm
Music from the political campaign trail

AccessWDUN • USA • Oct 22 • 03:06 pm
UNG women collect third straight 2nd place finish in PBC Championship

The Union-Recorder   •   USA   •   Oct 25   •   11:00 am
CURTAIN CALL: Jazz and bluegrass coming soon

The Union-Recorder   •   USA   •   Oct 25   •   01:00 pm
GC professor tracks candidates’ tunes

StAugustine.com   •   USA   •   Oct 25   •   01:32 pm
Georgia College volleyball produces stunner in Flagler College Gymnasium reopening

Macon Telegraph   •   USA   •   Oct 25   •   05:42 pm
Move over please — you are in my personal space

Burlington County Times   •   USA   •   Oct 25   •   07:00 pm
TED Talks at Burlington County Library focus on women

The Union-Recorder   •   USA   •   Oct 26   •   11:30 am
GC men’s cross country takes seventh at PBC Championship

The Union-Recorder   •   USA   •   Oct 26   •   12:45 pm
Bobcat women sixth, Yost All-Conference at PBC Championship

The Union-Recorder   •   USA   •   Oct 27   •   03:30 pm
Rezoning requests tabled for two weeks

The Union-Recorder   •   USA   •   Oct 28   •   01:55 pm
Local man held without bond in shooting of his father

Macon Telegraph   •   USA   •   Oct 28   •   04:40 pm
It’s jobs versus history as Central State tug of war unfolds

Ledger-Enquirer   •   USA   •   Oct 29   •   07:53 pm
Jarrell, Corcione lead CSU to win over Georgia College

The Chronicle of Higher Education   •   USA   •   Oct 30   •   05:56 pm
Appointments, Resignations, Deaths (11/4/2016)

The Union-Recorder   •   USA   •   Oct 30   •   07:15 pm
Lt. Gov. Cagle to visit GC campus

Television Hits:


The number of television hits maybe somewhat skewed for the month of October due to the extensive coverage of Professor Allison Everett’s fatal car accident. Georgia College history was featured in a live interview with Georgia College Historian, Dr. Bob Wilson, that was aired as a special on Home Town Proud Oct 24th. The entire hour and a half of shows (5 and 6 p.m.) for WGXA were live from Georgia College’s Front Campus. WGXA also featured our GIVE center during its live feature as well as interviews with Georgia College President, Dr. Steve Dorman. We’ve included the entirety of the two-piece program here. The interviews with Dr. Dorman can be found at the 26:00 mark on the 5pm video and the 20:10 mark on the 6pm video.

Georgia College politics also saw an uptick in coverage by both WGXA and 13WMAZ after hosting Georgia House and Senate candidates in a town hall open forum and in a feature story that followed a GC professor’s website that tracks presidential campaign music. Those videos are highlighted below. Finally, our school saw television coverage for being one of the few schools to house an atomic vacuum chamber created by its students over the course of six years. These videos are listed above the line, all other relevant television coverage is listed below.

WGXA.TV   •   USA   •   Oct 19   •   08:43 pm
GCSU professor tracksTrump, Clinton campaign music

WGXA.TV   •   USA   •   Oct 20   •   08:51 pm
GSCU one of few schools to create atomic vacuum chamber

WGXA.TV   •   USA   •   Oct 24   •   01:44 pm
Milledgeville: Fire at Old Main Hall part of GCSU history

WGXA.TV   •   USA   •   Oct 24   •   01:46 pm
Milledgeville: Georgia College is deeply-rooted in history

WGXA.TV   •   USA   •   Oct 24   •   02:47 pm
Milledgeville: GCSU’s GIVE Center focuses on giving back

WGXA.TV   •   USA   •   Oct 26   •   09:31 pm
GCSU holds town hall in light of upcoming election

13WMAZ   •   USA   •   Oct 26   •   11:48 pm
Georgia College students host House and Senate candidates

WALB.com   •   USA   •   Oct 5   •   06:27 pm
CPD recognized at Governor’s Challenge Awards Program

41 NBC News   •   USA   •   Oct 7   •   07:04 pm
Fort Valley State University welcomes new president

WGXA.TV   •   USA   •   Oct 10   •   09:35 pm
The pay gap: What it is and how it affects millennials

41 NBC News   •   USA   •   Oct 11   •   08:58 am
GA College State University Professor dies in fatal accident

11Alive   •   USA   •   Oct 11   •   12:26 pm
Georgia College professor killed in 3-car wreck

13WMAZ   •   USA   •   Oct 11   •   06:46 pm
Friends, family mourn the loss of Georgia College professor

WMBF News   •   USA   •   Oct 12   •   03:57 am
Georgia College professor, brother killed in head-on crash

AccessWDUN   •   USA   •   Oct 22   •   03:06 pm
UNG women collect third straight 2nd place finish in PBC Championship

WGXA.TV   •   USA   •   Oct 24   •   02:47 pm
Milledgeville: GCSU’s GIVE Center focuses on giving back

WGXA.TV   •   USA   •   Oct 27   •   09:10 pm
International students impact economy, education impacts them

13WMAZ   •   USA   •   Oct 28   •   10:35 pm
Biker dyes beard pink for breast cancer awareness

Featured Stories:

Featured Videos:

Social Media Summary:

October was a month of steady growth and further emphasized what posts our audience respond to most: videos and achievement.

Our Facebook followship saw a slight increase (1.5%). We are currently at 13,277 followers, 12,331 of those in the United States and 946 international. However, through the use of more regular videos, we hope to expand our followers in the month of November. The top post for this month was a video on the campus tradition of the echo sound near Russell auditorium. It was a simple concept, but the video’s popularity proved that student interaction and campus connection draw people in; this kind of content is relatable and approachable. It makes us unique and the GC community tends to take pride in that. The other top posts were stories of success: student Jordan Bracewell studying at the prestigious Oxford University and Dr. Joann Previts receiving the Outstanding Professor of Middle Grades Education award. Stories of success resonate well on social media from both a marketing standpoint and campus pride standpoint.

Instagram saw the most growth this month with a 44.8% increase in engagement and a 2.9% follower increase (we passed 6,000 this month). The top image this month was also the most liked ever on this account: 738 likes for a “throwback” comparison of the shops on North Wayne St. The great response received from this “then and now” picture has encouraged our office to do more pictures like it. We have obtained a collection of photos available to use from the library’s special archives and plan to follow that same format, but next through staged pictures with students. It’s great to know that followers enjoy these types of projects. The other two top posts were “campus beauty shots,” which are always popular.

Twitter saw a minor increase in followers by 1.2% (now at 8,263 followers). The more popular posts, as determined by retweets and likes, had to do with success (flag football team state champions), philanthropy (fountain colored pink in honor of breast cancer awareness), and community (N. Wayne St. then and now photo). Our office plans to research Twitter more this month to strategize our target audience and increase followers/engagement. We were told recently Twitter was “dying,” and we wanted to look more into that.

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Social Media Highlights:

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